hakuna matata
Dirty D, Murder Mitten


 NHL Enforcers: Darren McCarty (requested)

To close one chapter and begin a new

Leaving old problems behind cause there is many more to go through

The universe is listening, god is always with you

For this many will love, and many more will fight against you

While success is inevitable, it was written for you to grow

Let this confirmation guide you to your destiny and always be mindful
to know

No matter how far you’ve traveled from first breath to daily departed

Never forget where you’ve came from always remember where you

Searching Sylvan

Anonymous asked: “Ur post down there”

why are you anonymous 

Anonymous asked: “Who are you missing?”

Who says I’m missing anyone

Yes, I admit I’ve got a thinkin’ problem
She’s always on my mind
Her memory goes round and round
I’ve tried to quit a thousand times
Yes, I admit I’ve got a thinkin’ problem
Fill the glass up to the top
I’ll start with lovin’ her
But I don’t know when to stop